Landscape of Tuscany, Siena

Landscape of Val d'Orcia, Tuscany

Aperitivo over the Tuscany hills

Aperitivo over the Tuscany Hills

Sunset chic nic in Tuscany

Between land and sky

The sunset Chic-nic is an unparalleled experience, an opportunity to embrace the aperitif in an extraordinary and special setting. Guests find themselves enjoying an exclusive aperitif, positioned in a scenic location that offers a breathtaking view of the winding Tuscan hills set ablaze by the setting of the sun. A unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the essence of Tuscany and create indelible memories.

Sunset aperol

Grappa and cigars

Bubbles at sunset


Into the sunset

Guests, while enjoying their glass accompanied d appetizers, enjoy a magical sky painted with the fire of sunset. The setting sun, with its light and shadow show, creates an atmosphere suspended in poetry that envelops guests in a feeling of intimacy and connection with the beauty of the surrounding nature.
Landscape at sunset of Tuscany hills, Siena