Eroica in Tuscany

Piazza del Campo Siena, Tuscany


Unique experiences in Tuscany

The fabulous Tuscan countryside makes its way into your heart and soul: breathtaking landscapes, fantastic views, and moments of peace and relaxation await you at Tenuta d’Arbia, a place where you can immerse yourself in the soul of Tuscany. But that’s not all Toscanima is about: in fact, the Tenuta’s surroundings are full of distinctive experiences you can enjoy  during your stay – from food and wine to stone villages and hot springs. Toscanima means immersion in what is at the heart of this region’s tradition and beauty; it means being able to feel a soul throbbing with stories and poetry.

A 100-feet-long pool overlooking the Tuscan hills

Our infinity pool
over the magical landscape of the Crete Senesi.

Our spacious 100-foot infinity pool offers breathtaking views of the rolling hills, providing the perfect escape to beat the heat on scorching summer afternoons. Its salt water is heated, pampering you with relaxing baths even when the summer season is winding down.
Swimming Pool
swimming pool

Between heaven and earth

Its crystal-clear waters create a stunning contrast against the vibrant hues of the natural landscape that envelops it. Immerse yourself in a serene swim, embraced by the tranquility of the countryside, or bask in the warmth of the sun, relishing a moment of pure relaxation between heaven and earth.

Wellness of body and mind

Yoga and gymnastics on the soft lawn of the lakes

Experience the ultimate fusion of nature and self-care with our exclusive body care offerings. Indulge in private yoga or gymnastics classes set against the backdrop of lush meadows that surround the serene lakes of the Tenuta.
Panorama of Tuscan hills with lake
Panorama of Tuscan countryside with lake
Massaggio In Camera

Relaxing massages on the hill of the Porta d'Arbia or in your room

Massages and beauty treatments are available by appointment, in the privacy of your room. From DaiShiDo massage, to classical Swedish massage, through Maori to Amazonian massage.
For our treatments we mostly use organic products from our Tenuta’s farm, such as lavender essential oil, herbs and plant extracts.

Food experiences

Tuscan cooking classes

Explore the secrets of Tuscan cuisine and enjoy an unparalleled culinary experience during your stay at Tenuta d’Arbia. Our cooking classes offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Tuscany’s rich culinary tradition.
Typical food and local ingredients
Excellence food

Products selection class

You will have the opportunity to learn authentic recipes, using the freshest local ingredients and discovering the secrets of the typical dishes of this region renowned for its delicious and authentic cuisine. Not only will these classes allow you to acquire new culinary skills, but they are also a wonderful way to enrich your vacation by fully immersing yourself in the authentic culture and taste of Tuscany. 

Wine tasting with us


Embark on a sensory journey tailored for the more experienced wine enthusiast at Tenuta d’Arbia in the heart of Tuscany. Our exclusive Sangiovese Vertical Tasting invites wine enthusiasts to embark on an in-depth exploration of the different nuances of this iconic varietal.
Wine Tasting in Tuscany
Wine Tasting in Tuscany


Reserved for those deeply acquainted with the world of wine, this session offers a profound dive into the heritage and evolution of Sangiovese. This tasting unveils the symphony of flavors and the finesse of each vintage, encapsulating the essence of Tuscany’s viticultural excellence.

Wine tasting in Montalcino

Brunello experience

Immerse yourself in a sensorial journey through the rolling hills of Montalcino and discover the illustrious Brunello wine, renowned worldwide for its elegance and character.
Wine Tasting in Montalcino
Wine Tasting in Montalcino

Into the wine

Nestled in the heart of Tuscany, Montalcino stands as a testament to centuries of winemaking tradition, and our tasting invites you to explore the rich heritage behind this revered wine. Indulge in the deep, ruby-red hues and savor the complex aromas that characterize Brunello, a product of meticulous craftsmanship and the unique environment of this enchanting region.

Truffle hunting experience

Truffle hunting in Tuscany, Crete senesi

The king of flavors

A beautiful walk in the Tuscan woods, searching for truffles with an experienced guide and his special dog who will teach you how to find the king of Tuscan flavors.
Truffle hunting in Tuscany, Crete Senesi

Into the ground

Unveil the secrets hidden beneath the earth and embark on a captivating adventure through the enchanting landscapes of Tuscany with our exclusive truffle hunting experience. 

Accompanied by expert truffle hunters and their skilled dogs, immerse yourself in the thrill of the search as you traverse the rolling hills and verdant forests, seeking these elusive culinary jewels.

Oil Tasting

Food and wine

Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting Approach Course

It will be a pleasure to accompany you in tasting our selection of Tuscan Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils. At the heart of the Tenuta’s cuisine, not only for its nutritional properties but especially because it is a real ingredient that can decide the fate of a dish. What would a legume soup be if there wasn’t a touch of spicy oil to enhance its flavor? And would a seafood carpaccio with a bitter oil be as tasty?

Drops of "green gold"

Behind every drop of oil you will feel strongly the heart, attention and love that the producers put into growing, harvesting and processing the olives. We will teach you The secrets of getting to know at best this wonderful “green gold” symbol of Tuscany and considered by some even an elixir of long life.
Olive Oil from sustainable harvesting in Tuscany

Bubbles at the Tenuta

Make your staying sparkling

Tuscany is not just the land of great reds: producers, from the most famous to the smallest, have tried their hand at the challenge of sparkling wine with remarkable results.
Sparkling Tuscan Wine
Chardonnay grapes

Our Selection of the best bubbles

We followed the heart and selected for you amazing sparkling wines. The award-winning Montellori,Spumante Metodo Classico Brut Pas Dosé, made from Chardonnay grapes, the Erede Brut produced from 100% Trebbiano grapes and the Regola Brut Nature produced from Manseng grapes. 
Standing ovation sparkling wines!